Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You know these things get me everytime. I mean is it really just me?? I dont understand how theyre so convincing. Maybe it is just me the average, sad American sitting at home watching infomercials at 2 in the morning. What happened to our country? Was it always really this cliche? I feel as though I belong in the days when my mother was a young girl. Those days seemed so free and American-like, on what this country was "supposedly" founded upon. The values of having freedom and living your life. What am i even saying? Im one of those walking cliches - lonely girl in love with Justin Bieber, Oh goodness! I think im too tired to even be making sense right now but i just felt like blogging. I do not know anything anymore. Anything I want to become/should become. Is it really up to me as "they" say it is? I think not. I'd like to think so, but in all reality there are too many influences in your life to really be yourself. Even if you turn away from them some way or another you're influenced - even in the smallest influences. Like infomercials, my original topic which I've drastically strayed from, but have I really?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Masked Faces

Mask: to conceal from view, disguise or hide.

Mask, such a small, insignificant piece of tangible cloth in most cases, but a very crucial invisible shield to those cases undercover. This goes unseen by the naked eye, because you truly think you know somebody - they're beliefs, morals, dreams, hopes. But in reality everyone wears a mask. I am not here to be the one to crush people's image of trust or intimacy, but no one is truly themselves.

A great teacher once told me "you are only you, behind closed doors." I find this to be absolutely 100% true. Although we don't like to admit it, this is held true in everyone of our hearts. When you are tucked away in the sanctity of your room, emotions are expressed, thoughts fly free like brilliant fireflies on a cool summer night, and signs of unapproval and disgust from a world full of hatred slowly dwindle into a nonexistent dream. I tend to think that maybe we are not that different from each other - me and you. You may be the reader, but you could be the writer as well. It takes one small incident of fate to make one wake up and realize their full potential. But if you are not the writer that's quite alright. Some are meant to decipher one's hidden language, after all the world is full of brilliance, wisdom, power and expertise. All the world is at our fingers; yes, us, having unthinkable possibilities and dreams. But all these possibilities.. are sadly.. once again masked. No one really reaches for what they want, for fear of unobtainable goals. No one sees the opportunity within themselves to be so much more then they realize. If one could just take off the mask, we'd all realize, we're the same. Afraid, scared, lonely, anxious - more than words can express. Just take off the mask set your soul and spirit flying for once, not to be touched by what others say. If we could all do that, there'd be a difference in what we see today. There'd be a difference our way of life. There'd be a difference... without the mask.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Beginnings

This blog is an escape. It's a true chance for me to express my inner individuality without the judgement of others. I do not care if i don't receive followers for my own words are all I need to make me content. This will not be a structured blog; I'll basically write whatever i want whenever I feel like it. My good friend will think I'm copying him, but really it's an idea that has been bursting inside of me waiting for the perfect moment to turn into something real. First things first, I'm not a 90 year old man (not that there's anything wrong with the elders), or a 12 year old girl, I'm just a college student trying to figure out who I am and what I want to become. I think this is one of the hardest times of our lives because our opinions constantly changed and influenced by those around us, whether close or not. This blog should be a fascinating way for me to share my experiences and thoughts about myself and the world around me. I cannot make any promises as to not be biased but please feel free to express your opinions through comments, hopefully keeping them mostly positive. Like I said above, as of now I'm a freshman college student at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I really did not think this was where I would end up, my dreams were set for different places; however, there is no place I would rather be. Athens is a small piece of what America truly represents: culture, beauty, freedom, and history. I hope if you have never been here, as would be me before I decided upon this school, that you visit sometime when passing through. It was surely be an experience to open your eye to different wonders of the world and make you truly appreciate this unique, quaint town.

"Gotta love a good love"